Thursday, September 28, 2006

Welcome Poets to Ephemeral Poetry!

I miss my friends and their poems. I am inviting them to send poems. We can try commenting and continuing here until things are more settled somewhere. Since everything is essentially ephemeral... as we all well know, I called it that.

(Post your comments here, and send me poems and a short paragraph about what you are doing. Include links to your poetry and homepages.) You can send to Yahoo or AIM at: smilingpoetsong or email at


Anonymous said...

I miss you too :)

I love these poets said...

Wow, I am not alone in the ephemeral universe!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kath... This is Laurie! This is a lovely tribute to some wonderful poets. I like almost all the poems you have posted here. How did you decide which to post?

I will sign up for an account here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy! I signed up for an account and promptly forgot my site-name and password ... Ha ha

Guess I need a new identity! Laurie

I love these poets said...

Laurie, usually Blogger will send you that info in an email, I think. Maybe it went in your spam?
Also, notice that Coco left a message here on Ephemeral that identified her as Coco, and connects to her myspace account. On shakespeare's monkey's I asked her to post how she did this, I don't know if she has answered yet.

Michael Dunn said...

Lovely site -- good to see all of you here! I have added this link on my own Blogger Poetry Page.